Divisional Expansion

The ‘hinges’ to the expansion of CLINUVEL’s research and development program have been unscrewed and how we organise our company to capitalise on the opportunities ahead is critical.

A new organisational structure has been established in four divisions.

The Focus of Each Division

  • The Pharmaceuticals Division is the core of the Group, focused on developing and delivering treatments for patients with unmet medical needs.
  • The Healthcare Solutions Division is concentrated on non-prescription products derived from the know-how and active ingredients used in the Pharmaceuticals Division for targeted audiences at high risk of exposure to UV and HEV light.
  • The CBM Division prepares communications to wider and differentiated audiences, positioning the Group for broader engagement and is now fully resourced and active.
  • The Manufacturing Division will manufacture novel formulations and products for CLINUVEL and for other operators in relevant sectors.

The Divisions are supported by the Research, Development & Innovation (RDI) Centre based in Singapore which opened in August 2020 and was featured in last year’s Annual Report.

The Purpose and Objectives of the Singapore RDI Centre are to:

  • undertake a research program focused on molecular profiling, peptide chemistry and polymer and formulation sciences; and
  • commercialise innovative pharmaceuticals and new over-the-counter product lines.
Graphic - CLINUVEL division functions