Financial Highlights 2022

A summary of the key financial highlights for the financial year ended 30 June 2022 and key trends over the six years since the commencement of commercial operations is provided below.


Growth in Revenues and Controlled Management of Expenses

CLINUVEL increased total revenues, interest and other income by 38% in FY2022, continuing the trend of growth from the commencement of commercial operations in June 2016. Expenses grew by 44% in the year to support the Company’s strategic initiatives. The Company has delivered six consecutive years of revenue growth, whilst expenses have been well controlled.       

Chart: CLINUVEL Revenue and Expenses 2022


Strong Performance Indicators

CLINUVEL has high liquidity, no debt and achieved positive returns to shareholders in the past year.

Chart: Ratio 10:1

Quick Ratio

Chart: Nil


Chart: 17%

Return on Equity

Chart: A$0.42

Earnings per Share

Strong Net Profit Outcomes

Growth in revenues, coupled with careful management of expenses, has underpinned the net profit outcomes achieved. FY2022 showed an excellent operating profit.

Improved Balance Sheet

Assets have increased steadily over past six years in relation to a more modest increase in short-term liabilities which are largely composed of trade creditors and income taxes payable.

Strong Cash Generation and Rise in Cash Reserves

The net increase in cash held in the year was more than double the amount of the increase seen in the previous year. This resulted in a substantial increase in cash and cash equivalents on the balance sheet, from A$82.7 million to A$121.5 million.